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      2018 Member List - Any renewals or new memberships taken now will expire 1st March 2020. Click link to view your membership number for the year.  
  NOVEMBER 13 Coffee Morning 10.30am XC portables in Arena or on course if ground conditions allow. Body protector 2009 required and hat without fixed peak. Afternoon session also available.  Coffee mornings Members 25 non-members 30. Payable in advance
  14 Coffee Morning 10.30am Polework or Flatwork  
  17 Polework and jumping clinic Small Hour group sessions from 9.00am     Members 25    Non-Members 30 Payable in advance
  17 Clear Round Jumping Clear Round Jumping. Fence height to suit. With/without fillers etc. Show gear not required. Not necessary to pre-book. Members 5 per round Non-Members 6 per round 1.00-4.00pm  
  18-23 Show Jump Course Hire Members Course hire. 1 member 15 more than 1 member 25. Payable at point of booking to reserve slot  During the day and under floodlights
  20 Coffee Morning Course riding - fence height to suit  
  21 Coffee Morning Polework and/or Grids  
  24 Confidence building Clinics Confidence building for both horses and riders/handlers. Group sessions from 9.00am  This can be ridden or in hand and will involve both trec and Agility style obstacles or if prefered poles and jumps
9.45-11.00 In Hand session Ridden Sessions
11.00 1.00 and 2.15pm
    1 1/4 hours. Members 25 Non-Members 30
 Payable in advance
  25 Dressage  TT tests can be viewed on our Show Page   Pre-entries required
  27 Coffee Morning Trec training  
  28  Coffee Morning   Flatwork  
DECEMBER 1 Mini Show Jumping 30-60cm from 11.00am  Show gear not required
  2 Show Jumping 60cm-1.00m  from 9.30am  Show gear not required
  15 Mini Arena Eventer Trial 30-50cm  2009 Body protectors and Current standard hat without a fixed Peak Pre-entry required
  16  Arena Eventer Trial 60-80cm   2009 Body protectors and Current standard hat without a fixed Peak Pre-entry required
  30 Christmas Show 40cm-90cm  


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