Twin Trees Riders membership 10.  Membership runs 1 January - 31 December 2022. 
Anyone joining from 1 October 2022 membership is 5 and will run until 31 December 2022.
For membership form or to view your membership number for the year go to Twin Trees Riders Page.


Members List 2022
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Shows - All entries to be emailed or taken over the phone with payment or via BACS. Please telephone yard to ask any questions

We will be running a few shows in the Spring/ Summer 2022

Clinics - Bookings will be taken over the yard phone 01767 627414. Full payment is required at the point of booking to confirm place.

Private 1/2 hour 30                     Private 3/4 hour 40     
Shared (2 riders) 3/4 hour 30      Group (3 or 4 riders) 1 hour 25

NON-MEMBERS WELCOME  5 extra or join to get discounted rate

Coffee morning:     members 25    non-members 30 
Pre-payment required
to confirm all bookings
Download, and print out membership_form to fill in and email to yard if you would like to join
September 20 Flatwork Coffee Morning
27 Poles Coffee Morning
October 1 Dressage   CLICK FOR SCHEDULE     FULL Unaffiliated Competition to open to all.   FULL - ENTRIES CLOSED. WE ARE NOT TAKING ANYMORE ENTRIES. SORRY
 Dressage TT Trot Tests 1-4      Dressage TT Canter Tests 5-8
Entries closed
4 Trec Field Trec if ground conditions allow, otherwise will be in arena. Body protector for field
11 Flatwork Coffee Morning
15 Show Jumping 50-90cm Pre-entry
16-17 Members SJ Course Hire Hour slots    1 member's horse 25      up to 4 members 35 
It is not necessary to put fences away but leave the fences in a jumpable condition set at 70/75cm with no poles to be left on the floor. Please note all riders need to be members. If floodlights are required there is an additional charge of 5.
18 Show Jumping Coffee Morning
25 Polework Coffee Morning
November 1 Flatwork Coffee Morning
8 Trec Coffee Morning   In hand and Ridden
12 Polework Clinic Group sessions
15 Jumping Coffee Morning
19/20 SJ Course Hire Details above
22 Polework Coffee Morning

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