Several shows are held throughout the year to include: Dressage, Show Jumping, Arena Eventer Trial and Trec. For additional information on the different disciplines lick on the links below:

General Show Rules (as at 01/01/19)

The main show rules are listed below. Additional rules and information is also listed for Dressage, Show Jumping, Trec and Arena Eventer Trials sections/Links.

1. Acceptance of the rules and acceptance of the judge’s decision as final is a condition of entry.

2. Hard Hats to be worn to the latest standard listed above with fastened harness and correct footwear to be worn at all times when mounted on the showground. See Below for further clarification.

3. Body protectors BETA level 3 Standard (2009) to be worn for XC, Trec PTV phase, Arena Eventing. This is a minimum standard.

4. Correct attire to be worn: shirt and tie/stock with hacking/show jacket or TWIN TREES Sweatshirt only. However, a Show Jacket/ Hacking jacket must be worn for the Championships. Light coloured jodhpurs. Riding boots to be worn when mounted. In the event of bad weather waterproofs may be worn at the discretion of the judge. Please check with judge at the time of class. Many of our winter shows do not require you to wear show gear. Check relevant schedule for details.

5. No responsibility for loss, damage or injury to horse/rider, rider, spectator or property will be accepted by the Organisers.

6. The Organisers reserve the right to alter, modify, reduce, amalgamate, cancel or make any alterations to classes without notice. Large classes may be split at the Organiser’s discretion.

7. Any objection lodged must be accompanied by £20.00 which will be returned if the complaint is upheld

8. No horse/pony under 4 years may be ridden on the show ground or compete under saddle.

9. No Stallions on the show ground without prior agreement with the Organizers.

10. Horses to walk only outside of Rings in the interest of safety.

11. Lungeing not permitted on show ground.

12. Where prizes are awarded as stated in a specific schedule above and beyond rosettes they are subject to sufficient entries:

up to 5 starters 1 Prize

up to 10 starters 2 Prizes
More than 10 starters 3 prizes

13. Any dogs on site must be kept on a short lead at all times and any excrement cleared up. No dogs to go into Arenas or beyond the car park/ spectator area. All other horse paddocks and grazing are out of bounds and a dog free zone.

14. Please keep car park tidy. Do not leave hay or droppings behind. Droppings may go on the muck heap. Please do not put trailer droppings into Arena Skips!

15. A competitor may ride a maximum of 2 horses per class for Dressage and Jumping

16. Entry fees can only be refunded on production of Veterinary/ Doctor’s Certificate minus an administration fee £2.50.

17. Please note for some shows and Championship Shows there may be additional rules.

Show Jumping Information : CLICK HERE


Arena Eventer Challenge


Body protectors must be worn. An air jacket if worn must be over a traditional body protector due to the solid fences being included in the course. Jockey Skull Cap to be worn (hat must not have a fixed Peak.)

The classes will involve a Show Jump course followed immediately by a timed simulated Cross-Country section. The show jumping starts with a bell, after the last show jump rider must take a direct line to the first cross country fence. The winner will be the horse with the lowest penalty score at the end of the competition. In the event of a tie on penalties the fastest time over the XC section will be deemed the winner.
Scoring :Penalties
Knockdown 4 penalties
1st Disobedience 4 penalties
2nd Disobedience 8 Penalties
3rd Disobedience Elimination
Fall of Rider Elimination

Dressage Information : CLICK HERE   

Dressage TT Canter Tests 5-8

What is BD Quest?

My Quest is an exciting initiative for riders competing at Intro - Novice level, a competition league for individuals to be run alongside Team Quest. Relaxed rules and dress, sections for Open and Under 21 riders and competing against riders of a similar ability. My Quest will follow the same regional structure as Team Quest, with regional leaderboards taking the top riders to regional and then a national final.

Riders will earn 'Quest points' according to the percentage they achieve to the same scale as other BD competitions. A rider's five best results and resulting Quest points will then feed into the regional leaderboard for each section (Open and Under 21s) at each level (Intro to Novice).

Remember you can take part in both Team Quest and My Quest! You can even qualify at multiple levels for My Quest.

To find out more please visit the BD website page at





Trec Classes


FIELD BASED TREC Body protectors must be worn. An air jacket if worn must be over a traditional body protector. This is due to the solid fences being included in the course as well as obstacles to go under, over or through.
ARENA BASED TREC Body protectors are recommended.

Trec Guidelines:

MA (Control of paces) – The rider enters a marked corridor in as slow a canter as possible and maintains the pace and then returns along the same corridor in as fast a walk as possible. A maximum of 30 points available for canter and walk (score will be halved in line with Trec GB rules). A break in pace or a foot outside the corridor scores zero. (In some of the more novice classes the Canter is replaced with trot for the MA. In a Leadrein class the corridor is 25m long. In Hand classes there is no MA section).

Cross Country Trials (PTV) –1O simulated obstacles which you might come across while out riding set up in the arena. Each obstacle is scored out of 10. All obstacles are optional. Where an obstacle is missed out the score is zero for that obstacle. The course is timed. Riders will be stopped if they run out of time.


HAT STANDARDS: It is mandatory for all Members to wear a protective helmet at all times when mounted with a chinstrap fastened and adjusted so as to prevent movement of the hat in the event of a fall. This rule defines the quality of manufacture that is required. The individual disciplines also have additional requirements with regard to type.

The hat standards accepted as of 1st October 2016 are detailed in the table below:

PAS 015:1998 or 2011* with BSI Kitemark

VG1 with BSI Kitemark

Snell E2001* with the official Snell label and number

ASTM-F1163 2004a with the SEI mark

AS/NZS 3838 1998, 2003 or 2006


Hats marked BSEN 1384 or EN1384 are no longer permitted

For cross-country fences, PTV in Trec whether Arena or outside of an arena, Arena Eventing a jockey skull cap must be worn, with no fixed peak, peak type extensions or noticeable protuberances above the eyes or to the front and should have an even round or elliptical shape with a smooth or slightly abrasive surface. A removable hat cover/ silk with a light flexible peak may be used if required.

No recording device is permitted (e.g. hat cameras, body cameras) as they may have a negative effect on the performance of safety equipment in the event of a fall.


BODY PROTECTORS: We do not make the use of body protectors compulsory, except for all Cross Country riding, Trec PTV phase and Arena Eventing whether it be training or competing. Body Protectors must meet BETA Level 3 standard 2009 (purple label). If a rider chooses to wear an air jacket it must only be used in addition to a normal body protector in these situations.






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