TREC TRAINING: Saturday 30 March Arena based Trec training suitable for children, In hand and ridden sessions for newbies to trec and experienced Treccies. Please call Centre to arrange session.
trec-friseThe next few sessions will be arena based until the Spring when the majority will then be field based so that we can include our natural obstacles on the site for training purposes. 
Field based trec training 4-6 May details to be confirmed.

Trec training 1 hour group sessions          Members 25         Non-members 30
Please note Body protectors 2009 are to be worn for field based sessions. Air jackets make be worn in addition but not instead. Not necessary for arena based sessions.

TREC CAMP 17-19 July  225 (75 deposit then 2 later payments of 75 for the balance)

Flatwork to improve MA scores, improve way of going due to greater suppleness, and balance to
complete the PTV obstacles with ease, accuracy and fluidity. PTV obstacles both manmade and natural in the arena and field based. Dismounted treasure hunt/ orienteering including simple map reading. Opportunity for more experienced combinations to complete POR route. Mini Competition on last day.

COMPETITIONS:   Arena Trec Friday 19 April 2019 Pre-entry required

25 March  Arena Trec Competition - unaffiliated  

On Friday the MA (Control of Paces) will be done first. trec-09


Class1A and 1B Slowest Trot and Classes 2 and 3 Slowest canter will be timed from A - C around the edge of the arena. Then The fastest walk for all classes A - C. There will not be control of Paces in Class 1C the In Hand Section.

Competitors will then move on to the PTV Obstacle Phase. Time limit 4 1/2 Minutes. 10 obstacles to complete. If you run out of time whistle/bell will sound indicating you need to go to the Finish to stop the clock. Any uncompleted obstacles are not scored.

Course plan and data sheets for obstacle will be on display outside the arena.

The trec rulebook can be viewed online


Reminder for this Competition Riders need to wear body protectors.


We will be doing a guided course walk at 9.00 on Friday for Class 1


Class 2 course walk 12.00 noon not guided


Class 3 course walk 2.45pm not guided

Course Plans from previous competition back in November to give you a guide to what's involved:

CLASS 1          CLASS 2          CLASS 3

 Here is the Data Sheet
the Gate - Led Obstacle.   (Thanks Central Trec Group)


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