The two outdoor arenas at Twin Trees are all weather and surfaces were supplied by Maple Arenas. The surface is comprised of Silica sand and Combi ride which gives a well balanced surface for numerous disciplines. Both Arenas have the addition of rubber making it more rideable during extreme cold weather. The drainage is excellent and we never have puddles or wet patches even after prolonged heavy rain! They are well maintained by regular grading and levelling. Both surfaces resurfaced February 2022. The Jackson Arena is 60 x30m and the Maple Arena is 45 x 25m.
Please call the yard 01767 627414 to book the arenas. Pre-payment is required to confirm booking. Provisional bookings are only held for 24 hours.

Cancellation Fees:

pnr5For general school hire 48 hours cancellation notice is required in advance of hire date.  If less than 48 hours is given then the full cost of the hire will be charged.

Please Note: If you hire our venue and bring your own instructor, please ensure they have adequate insurance cover


GENERAL ARENA HIRE - Available for Members and Non-members. Generally available at short notice subject to other bookings in the diary and events/ clinics at the Centre. The arenas will be free of equipment for use at this time. There are a selection of jumps and poles which may be used and stacked again afterwards. This needs to be done during your hire session due to consecutive bookings.
At the time of booking please let us have rider's names, contact number and email address should we need to contact you. 
All under 18's must be supervised by an adult for the duration of the hire and time at the Centre.

MAPLE ARENA HIRE              45m X 25m -      BOOKABLE BY THE HOUR
ONE HORSE          20                 Members discount: 1 member   15   
 2-4 HORSES          30                                  2-4 Members          20   

If the floodlights are required there is an additional charge of 5 per hour. 
Please note in the interest of safety no loose schooling/ liberty work in the Maple Arena. If you wish to do so it is necessary to hire the larger arena with higher fence and needs to be stated when booking so that any grazing horses near the arena can be brought in.



ONE HORSE          30                 Members discount: 1 member   25   
 2-4 HORSES          40                                  2-4 Members          35   

If the floodlights are required there is an additional charge of 5 per hour.



One of the advantages of being a Twin Trees Riders Member - on selected dates we have a SJ course set up:

pnr3These sessions will be listed on the Events Diary of the website, Latest News page, Facebook and emailed out to members when possible. At times these will be at short notice!

 ********* MEMBERS SPECIAL ********         MEMBERS SHOW JUMP COURSE HIRE IN JACKSON ARENA          *********    MEMBERS SPECIAL     ********

                                 MEMBERS ONLY - all riders need to be members  (Membership 10 for the year. We will also be offering a one day membership 5)

The course is already set up with a selection of brightly coloured jumps including fillers, planks, wall and water tray if required. Sessions are bookable by the hour payable in advance. At the time of booking please let us have rider's names and a contact number and email address should we need to contact you.

It is not necessary to put fences away but leave the fences in a jumpable condition set at 70/75cm with no poles to be left on the floor
       25        One member's horse
35           2-4 members 

These sessions need to be paid for at point of booking to confirm your slot. This can be done by calling into the yard or by card payment over the telephone 01767 627414.

parking_signSecure lorry park. Toilets. Water for horses available.
Member's vehicle 5
Non-member's vehicle 10

The routes from Twin Trees do require some road work to reach the bridleways. Routes from 8-10km and 15-20km Maps with routes marked available. Bookings taken over the phone.


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