Want to have-a-go? and regular Training    Saturday 17 February  2.30pm

Please phone to make a booking if you would  like a go.
(Own horse pony required and riders need to be confident at Walk trot and canter.) Sessions 20 per rider.

If you have any interested friends  we can book a session for you - whether you just want to play occasionally for fun or like the idea of more regular training and competition - either is fine! 

Please be tacked up ready to ride at the start time having completed registration details.In your session after warming up the horses and having checked your tack we will introduce the horses to the ball and show you some throwing techniques. By the end of the session you will be passing the ball in walk and trot, had a go at shooting and had a go at picking the ball up from the ground. After a few sessions you will have learned enough to play a short game!

For further details and to check availability please call the yard 01767 627414.
To book your place then complete the registration form and return with entry fee.



Reminders re equipment:

Please note in the interest of safety horses and riders the following equipment will be required:

 Boots or bandages and over reach boots on all 4 legs for horses protection

                A standing martingale (a running martingale may be adapted)

                No Safety stirrups or bent iron stirrups

                Non-elasticated girth required

                English style saddle

                Most Bits are acceptable other than those with cheeks eg as in a Fulmer snaffle. They could get caught on the harness of the ball or another horses tack! Those riding with a gag with rings need to have the reins on the bottom ring or ride using a rounding so the spare ring does not get caught as above. If you are not sure please ask.

               No Jewellery this includes watches, rings and ear rings
For sale:

suitable for training and matches.
 25 collection from the yard.
All you need is a Junior Size 4 football
Highlights from last year:
We attended Belton House International Horse Trials to do a demonstration.
We featured in BBC South riding Demo at Quob Stables in Southampton with tv presenter Alexis Green. This can be viewed on facebook on BBC South and on You Tube :     
  OR :   alexis green 2015 horseball

Our last feature was on BBC Breakfast with Mike Bushell having a go at horseball. This can be viewed on You Tube: 
If the link doesn't work go to You Tube and type in Horseball

These will give you a good insight into horseball.


The  team were runners up in the 2nd Division for the 2015 Season. This is our highest ever achievement especially when we thought at the beginning of the season we were going to struggle to attend each event to compete! The Team: Cath Anthony Rach Anthony Ella Rogers Hettie Rogers and Jade Heaviside.  We managed to complete the season coping with various rider and horse ailments. And more importantly we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves !




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